Loudbird's Menu for Small Businesses


 "If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR" Bill Gates  

A lot of small businesses often ARE down to their last pennies, and can't afford to pay out on a retainer to a PR agency that ties them in for months - even if the chances are that the PR investment WILL pay dividends, as Bill Gates implies.
So here at Loudbird, we have come up with a menu of services especially for small businesses, with small(er) price tags.
The Kickstart PR package:  This is a toolkit of advice and practical information, giving you all the stuff you need to carry out your own PR.  

It contains: a guide to how you should deal with the press; tips on how journalists like to receive information; a Q&A written specifically about your business, product or service to deal with press questions; the key messages for the media; a first press release written about your offering; and that all important list of the relevant key media contacts for you, across your target media.

COST: From £500

First-stage Kickstart PR Implementation: All of the above, but Loudbird then distributes and pitches in the first release to the press.

COST: From £900

Month-by-month PR support: Following on from buying the KickstartPR Package, or the First-stage PR Implementation, you can buy PR support  from us, on a month-by-month basis, from as little as one day a month.  Contact us for a quote.

Social PR package (Twitter / Facebook etc):  For those who don't give a Tweet - yet...  Whether it is because you don't know how to, or you just don't have the time to start tweeting or posting to a Facebook account, for as little as £300 a month you can be up and running on social media from tomorrow.  We can set you up and regularly post to your Twitter or Facebook accounts letting your customers and the press know all about what you are up to.   

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