Two new deals for Fulanitos on first day of BLE

(September 29, 2010)

Mexican soft toy, stationery and gift brand, Fulanitos, has agreed two new deals at the BLE on the very first day.


The first new contract is with KB8,  a French wholesaler with product in 1,200 stores across France, which is interested in licensing the Fulanitos range for use on kitchenware, storage boxes and bags, among other products in its wide range of merchandise.


Fulanitos is also closing a deal with Lameirinho, a Portuguese bedlinen company that has a manufacturing base in China and Europe. 


In its home country of Mexico, Fulanitos regularly outsells Disney in certain outlets, and is available in more than 2,000 shops. 

The Fulanitos brand is also already popular in many other markets, including Canada and Germany. Fulanitos appeals to a wide age range of children from babies to teenagers - because of the individual personalities of the characters, and the simple design of these human-like creatures.



Part owner and creator of these little friends, Gaby Moad, explains their appeal to children: We have not really needed to actively market these soft toys in Mexico as they have caught the imagination of children, and word has spread.


Each Fulanito has its own name, individual personality, likes and dislikes and favourite things in life, which is why they appeal to children; there is a character with which every child can identify.


The Fulanitos brand is about unity, and conveying the message that friendship transcends national borders. The brand intends to celebrate the similarities between children, rather than the differences, and the owners believe this is why Fulanitos are attractive to different  age groups and different international markets, and will therefore appeal to licensees.


Gaby owns Fulanitos with her husband, Ramiro Rodriguez. She designed the characters when she was nine years old and they began their commercial life in Mexico as a stationery range. But the international Fulanitos merchandise range is now extensive, including the plush toys and also key rings, mobile phone charms, sports bottles, jewellery, bags, T-shirts, message frames, bedding, and pets.


However, Ramiro thinks the plush toy range will be popular with the UK market: "We have had a lot of interest on the first day," he says, "and the BLE is always good for Fulanitos. But we are looking seriously at finding a partner in the UK to work with us too and I think the plush toy range may have the most appeal to the UK market.



Our extensive range of products means the Fulanitos brand is multi-targeted, with different product ranges having appeal for different age groups, which makes our product more versatile for potential licensees.



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