Contemporary Home International brings you its Top 10 Interiors Tips for a contemporary home in 2010

(January 20, 2010)

Quality, durability, simplicity, with a touch of Oriental glamour. These are the watch-words for the stylish contemporary home in 2010, according to Contemporary Home International (, the online retailer that specialises in selling European designer furniture.


There will be splashes of colour – maybe a block colour sofa in a purple or red, or a metallic, shimmery Asian-influenced cushion – to show individuality and a slight bohemian leaning, but the basics will be high quality furniture with a beautiful shape and finish which is eco-friendly and stands the test of time.  The neutral colour of the year will be shades of grey, and modular pieces, especially sofas, will be in vogue, giving flexibility to your living arrangements and allowing you to up or downsize as your circumstances dictate.


Francesca Bianchi is a director of Contemporary Home International, which sells premium designer furniture for up to 40% less that the usual retail price.  She has worked in the world of design for years, in both the fashion and interiors sectors.


“The economic climate has influenced the design world, bringing a focus back to simple lines and design classics that stand the test of time, and are eco friendly and durable” says Francesca.  “But you can still be adventurous and individual.  Invest in a dramatic chair in the on-trend metallic, or get some statement accessories, like a fabulous metallic mirror.  The Cattelan Alaska chair usually retails for £2,275, but we can offer it for £1,580, which is a saving of 30%.  The Philippe Starck Caadre mirror retails at £2,345, but we are selling it for £1,435, a saving of nearly 40%.”


Here are Francesca’s Top 10 Tips for a stylish contemporary home in 2010:
  1. Stick with the classics, such as the iconic designer furniture pieces from Italy . They are beautifully made, stylish and iconic.  And they will last a lifetime, meaning they are eco friendly too.
  2. Go modular. Your sofa should be your flexible friend, because it allows you to chop and change as the mood takes you, without having to reinvest.
  3. Shades of grey.  The neutral colour of the year is grey, which is timeless, practical and solid. But this is far from boring –  the human eye can distinguish about 500 different shades of grey, from Paris grey to slate grey, so have fun choosing the greys for your home.
  4. Go bold with a statement piece in block colour, maybe a sofa. But make sure that the cushions are shades of grey.
  5. Experiment with textiles.  The trend will be towards comforting, soft and suggly textiles: chenille, faux fur, velvets. Curl up with the family and get back in touch with the important things in life.
  6. Add a bit of Eastern promise to your home.  Asian-influenced touches will demonstrate your individuality whilst being seriously on-trend.
  7. Metallics are big for 2010.  The odd gold or silver shimmer here and there will give a bit of glamour while keeping the overall look understated and elegant. Also silver and gold mirrors are on trend and add a modern contemporary touch to your home.
  8. Although the classics are important, in the age of the Internet, we like a futuristic feel to our homes, as for many of us technology needs to fit seamlessly into our home environment. Transparent, ghost-like chairs and storage pieces strike the right balance.
  9. Boho – but only a bit!  A little bit of a bohemian feel – maybe a colourful cushion or wall hanging – can offset the neutral greys well and show a fun side to your home.
  10. Get rid of the clutter but don’t go stark. The look is simple, elegant, pure, uncluttered, but it still needs to be warm and inviting too.

Contemporary Home is fast establishing itself as the home of European designer furniture, selling a wide range of top brands for significantly lower than the usual UK prices, despite only going live a year ago.  It has hundreds of design classics to choose from, and all cost between 10% and 40% lower than the usual UK retail price. 


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