More Wine Darling? Bottle of wine now £1.25 CHEAPER at The Priory Inn, Tetbury, as budget busting idea means a better deal for everyone – including th

(April 22, 2009)
More Wine Darling? Bottle of wine now £1.25 CHEAPER at The Priory Inn, Tetbury, as budget busting idea means a better deal for everyone  
 …Cotswolds restaurant (and local potter) would like to THANK the Chancellor for pushing them to think creatively and come up with a solution which means everyone’s a winner…
The Priory Inn, Tetbury and a local potter have found a way of beating the Chancellor’s 2009 budget and the endless financial challenges faced by the restaurant world. The Cotswold restaurant is offering its customers a great deal on wine whilst supporting its local economy at the same time! The Priory Inn has taken a leaf out of a typical French bistro’s books and is serving its house wine in hand-thrown, locally crafted pichets – a solution that tastes great, costs less for customers, supports a local business and is eco-efficient.

The Priory Inn’s Owner and Director Dave Kelly said “In the last 12 months, our industry has experienced immense hurdles to success: as of today, our Government has increased alcohol duty by 20% over the last 12 months; our wine suppliers have increased their costs by around 15% (as a result of escalating costs of transport and raw materials, the weak pound, and a decrease in crop yields); and we are experiencing an unprecedented squeeze on consumers’ finances.”

“However, our bar figures are showing an increase in sales of 15% this year over last – and one of the key changes we have introduced is serving our house wine in locally made pichets (jugs without handles). This brings a great many benefits: an eco-benefit (reducing the number of bottles that we serve house wine in by 70% as we can now buy in larger 2 litre bottles); a local benefit (buying hand-crafted, high quality pichets from a small family potter just 6 miles away from Tetbury); and a customer benefit (reducing the price of 75cl of wine from £14.00 to £12.75 – even after accounting for all the financial squeezes).”

The Priory Inn which is at the heart of the Cotswold market town of Tetbury (home to HRH Prince Charles’ Highgrove shop) is renowned for its good value for money, family-friendly approach and locally focused product. In November 2008 it launched a “30 Mile Food Zone” to demonstrate its on-going and genuine commitment to local food and drink. Only when it is absolutely necessary do they buy food from outside that zone. They provide their customers information about the local farmers and producers who feature on their menus and customers are told exactly where the beef they are eating was reared, and where the (local) grapes were grown to produce the bubbly they are drinking. Including a local pottery within their “30 Mile business family” is entirely in-line with the sound buying principles they have adopted throughout the restaurant and hotel.

The management team behind The Priory boasts years of hospitality experience between them, working in and launching high profile hotel and restaurant establishments in New York, London and Hertfordshire.

The Priory Inn is situated in Tetbury, a beautiful market town in the heart of the Cotswolds which is one of the most important antiques centres in the UK. It is 2 miles from the Royal home of Highgrove. The hotel has 14 ensuite contemporary bedrooms.

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